Plainsview Nursing Home is committed to providing healthcare to international standards and aims at becoming a Total Quality Hospital.

The Hospital Management is committed to:

  • Ensuring our facilities and practices consistently deliver desired levels of quality performance.
  • Partnering with our suppliers and other service providers in the provision of quality healthcare services.
  • Recruiting qualified personnel and developing staff competence.
  • Providing quality basic and advanced nursing education.
  • Periodic review of quality objectives
  • Continually improving our Quality Management System.


Plainsview Nursing Home is committed to managing environmental matters as part of our operations.

The Hospital Management is committed to:

  • Implementing proactive environmental programs designed to prevent or mitigate activities that pose a threat to the environment.
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Championing the cause for conservation and prudent use of renewable sources of energy.
  • Minimizing waste generated and working towards safe treatment and disposal of waste.
  • Communicating the policy to stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Periodic review of environmental objectives and targets.
  • Continually improving our Environmental Management System.


Plainsview Nursing Home recognizes its paramount responsibility as a healthcare provider to give safe meals to patients, staff and visitors.

The Hospital is committed to:

  • Providing the resources that will enhance food safety throughout the food processing chain.
  • Implementing procedures aimed at preventing, minimizing and/or eliminating food safety hazards at all levels of food production and service.
  • Communicating to staff, suppliers and other stakeholders on matters related to food safety.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluating compliance with food safety requirements through regular audits.
  • Continually improving our Food Safety Management System.